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China's Solid State Drive Market

Report No. FI-CHN-SSD-0918, Sept. 2018

The solid state drive market in China continued its rapid pace of growth driven primarily by enterprise and datacenter demand, as well as PC demand. Due to the NAND flash shortage in 2017, the client channel SSD market grew at a more modest clip. Enterprise SSD demand was fueled by hyperscale datacenters such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent and OEMs including Huawei and Inspur.

Both the client and enterprise SSD market saw a strong transition from the SATA interface to the PCIe interface resulting in a shift in the market shares for SSD suppliers.

China's Solid State Drive Market provides a comprehensive overview of the Chinese SSD market and highlights the major local and international players active in the memory, SSD and controller space.

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