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Storage Class Memories

Report No. FI-NVM-SCM-0918, Sept. 2018

In 2007, the first NAND flash-based SSDs entered the datacenter as a higher performing storage than disk with much lower cost than DRAM. By inserting NAND flash, the huge latency gap between DRAM and disk was effectively reduced by a factor of 10, resulting in the explosive growth of NAND flash in the datacenter seen in recent years. However, there still remains an approximately 1000x gap in latency between DRAM and NAND providing an opportunity for another memory technology to come in with near DRAM-like performance and near NAND-like cost.

Since the announcement of 3D XPoint memory by Intel and Micron Technology, increased attention has been focused on alternative memory technologies including PCM, STT-MRAM and ReRAM. Storage Class Memories provides an independent and comprehensive analysis of the potential candidates for storage class and persistent memories and their potential applications.

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