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SSD Insights Q2/10 - After the iPad - Notebooks?

Report No. FFI-NFL-SSD-Q210 June 2010

The phenomenal success of the Apple iPad has spawned a class of mobile device sitting between a e-readers and notebook PCs capable of cannabalizing conventional smartbooks and netbooks. As with the iPod Touch and iPhone, central to producing a cool, thin, lightweight and power conserving device has been the incorporation of NAND flash memory as a storage medium.

Now that the iPad has set the bar in utilizing NAND flash memory in a tablet device, the obvious question is: What's next? The adoption of NAND flash memory in computing has been a slow journey due to technical challenges in mastering the idiosyncracies of NAND flash memory and the unfavourable cost structure.

This report analyzes the adoption of SSDs in notebook PCs from a total cost of ownership and product portfolio perspective to forecast the trigger point for accelerated SSD adoption.

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