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SSD Insights Q2/11: Focus on PCIe SSD

Report No. FI-NFL-SSD-Q211, June 2011

The recent IPO of Fusion IO and announcements by EMC and Micron regarding PCIe SSD products are a harbinger of the tremendous growth potential of this market. This report also examines the impact of PCIe flash modules contract manufactured by end users.

A forecast of the SSD market by unit volumes, average capacity, price, technology and revenue is provided out to 2015 for the following SSD categories:
  • notebook PC
  • desktop PC
  • low cost mobile PC (netbook, chromebook)
  • tablet
  • channel
  • server-attached enterprise (SATA/SAS I/O, Boot, PCIe)
  • storage-attached enterprise (FC, SAS, SATA, PCIe)
  • captive end user enterprise

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