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Low Density SLC NAND Flash Memory in Embedded Applications

Report No. FI-NFL-SLC-0711, July 2011

In last decade, the NAND flash market has witnessed tremendous growth with revenues increasing from $370 million in 2000 to over $20 billion in 2010.

Continuous price declines for NAND flash memory have enabled it diversify beyond removable storage applications to consumer, industrial and computing applications, each with its own specific requirements in terms of performance, features and density.

Since 2006, MLC technology has become mainstream with SLC technology occupying a sliver of the total market. SLC technology is favored in applications requiring high performance, high reliability and wide operating temperatures. Other than the solid state computing and mobile application markets, SLC devices can be found in embedded applications. In particular, low density SLC NAND devices ranging from 128Mb to 4Gb are employed in a variety of consumer and industrial applications.

Due to the higher margin profile of SLC NAND products, NAND flash manufacturers as well as new entrants looking to extend their product portfolios from the NOR flash memory space are all eyeing the low density SLC market.

Low Density SLC NAND Flash Memory in Embedded Applications discusses the competition between low density SLC NAND flash, parallel NOR flash and serial flash and sheds light on some of the application drivers in the embedded space.

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