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SSD Insights Q3/11: Going Long on SSDs

Report No. FI-NFL-SSD-Q311, September 2011

With the advent of ultrabooks, SSDs have found a home in the PC space which exploits the thin and lightweight advantages of NAND flash memory and does away with the traditional 2.5 form factor borrowed from hard disk drives. However to achieve a thin, sleek design, unibody designs and Li poly batteries in addition to SSDs are required driving up the BOM cost and making it difficult for the first ultrabooks to reach a sub-$1,000 price target.

Some initial implementations of ultrabooks will incorporate a small capacity SSD coupled with a HDD to bring down the price point. These flash cache/hybrid dual drive SSDs are also expected to penetrate mainstream notebooks and desktop PCs.

Our latest report provides a forecast for the adoption of PC flash cache/hybrid dual drive SSDs in mainstream notebooks, ultrabooks and desktop PCs.


Industry Status

Q3/11 vs. Q2/11 Forecast

Ultrabooks/Ultra-thin Notebooks

PC Flash Cache/Hybrid Dual Drive SSDs

SSD Forecast


Captive End User Assembled Enterprise SSD


LCPC Units & GB
LCPC SSD Unit Breakdown
LCPC SSD Pricing
LCPC SSD Revenue Breakdown
LCPC SSD GB Breakdown

Notebook Units & GB
Notebook SSD Unit Breakdown
Notebook SSD Pricing
Notebook Revenue Breakdown
Notebook GB Breakdown
Ultra-thin Notebooks

PC Flash Cache/Hybrid Dual Drive SSDs

Channel Units & GB
Channel SSD Unit Breakdown
Channel SSD Pricing
Channel SSD Revenue Breakdown
Channel SSD GB Breakdown

Desktop Units & GB
Desktop SSD Unit Breakdown
Desktop SSD Pricing
Desktop SSD Revenue Breakdown
Desktop SSD GB Breakdown

Enterprise Total
Server-attached (PCIe)
Server-attached (Boot)
Server-attached (IO SATA, SAS)
Storage-attached (FC, SAS, PCIe, SATA)

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