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SSD Insights Q3/15: Under Pressure

Report No. FI-NFL-SSD-Q315, September 2015

The weak PC market continued to weigh on client SSDs while there was a strong rebound in datacenter demand. The pricing environment continues to be challenging in 2H/15.

This report provides a forecast of the client and enterprise SSD market out to 2019.

Below is a TOC of the pdf file.
  • Computing SSD Quarterly Trend
  • Q2/15 SSD Revenues by Supplier
  • Computing SSD Revenue Forecast
  • Computing SSD Unit Forecast
  • Computing Petabyte Forecast
  • SSD Market by Technology
  • Client SSDs
    • Q2/15 Client SSD Revenues by Supplier
    • Notebook SSD Forecast
  • Client SSDs
    • Average SSD Capacity
    • SSD Channel Pricing
    • Client SSD Pricing
    • Tablet SSD Forecast
    • TLC SSD Forecast
    • Client SSD Market by Technology
    • Client SSD Interface Trend
  • Enterprise SSDs
    • Q2/15 Enterprise SSD Revenues by Supplier
    • Captive Datacenter SSD
    • Enterprise SSD Revenue Forecast
    • Enterprise SSD by Form Factor
    • Enterprise SSD Unit Forecast
    • Aggregate Enterprise $/GB
    • Enterprise SSD by Technology
    • Average Enterprise SSD (User) Capacity
    • Server-attached SSD Forecast
      • Enterprise SATA SSD Capacity Trend
      • PCIe SSD Forecast
      • Enterprise $/GB Forecast
    • Storage-attached SSD Forecast
      • SAS SSD Capacity Trend
    • Summary

    Table of Contents
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