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QLC in the Datacenter

Report No. FI-FDC-SSD-0517, May 2017

With the explosion in data content, the use of data has transitioned from simply recording transactions to using it to make important decisions and gain new insights for competitive advantage. As a result, storage has to become faster, cheaper and more scalable. Hard disk drives have been the primary workhorse for a wide range of storage applications including mission critical drives for high performance. However, the relentless cost declines of NAND flash memory have already catapulted NAND flash-based solid state storage to become the solution of choice in performance-critical applications.

In addition, NAND flash memory's transition from 2D to 3D technology has enabled enterprise SSD capacities already exceeding that of enterprise HDDs. The introduction of QLC technology is expected to drive SSD capacities even higher. Where do fat QLC-based SSDs fit in the datacenter and can they compete with fat HDDs? QLC in the Datacenter examines these questions.

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