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Toshiba Flash Memory Breakthrough Could Usher In Faster, Higher-Capacity Solid State Devices

Marco Chiappetta, Forbes
JUN 28, 2017 @ 04:24 PM

In a press release on the TAEC website, Greg Wong, founder and principal analyst at Forward Insights said,

"The introduction of QLC technology sets the stage for solving many of the challenges facing datacenters today. For datacenters, QLC SSDs can be an excellent design choice for reducing power consumption and lowering footprint. Additionally, as the push for higher capacity HDDs leads to an increase in areal density and drives up the weight per successive generation, it has become common to see a 42U rack only half-filled due to exceeding maximum weight or power supply. Flash memory-based storage solutions weigh less and realize improved power efficiencies, enabling datacenters to achieve maximum rack capacity."

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