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Waiting Game Could Strengthen Toshiba's Hand

Dylan McGrath, Editor in Chief, EE Times
9/1/2017 00:01 AM EDT

Would a delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange really be the end of the world?

Toshiba "will try to keep up [investment] because the memory group is a big profit generator accounting for about 90 percent of Toshiba’s profits last quarter," said Greg Wong, principal analyst at market research firm Forward Insights Inc. "Yes, there is a risk of delayed investments. However, I’m sure management is aware of this and will try to ensure they continue to invest so as to not fall behind."

Samsung has to juggle its investment between DRAM, NAND and logic, so that may affect the speed at which they can expand 3D NAND capacity, whereas Toshiba is only focused on NAND and can more rapidly increase 3D NAND capacity by converting from 2D NAND, Wong added.

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