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Everspin Technologies ready to ship nvNITRO ST-MRAM SSDs

Carol Sliwa,Senior Writer,TechTarget
14 Sep 2017

Everspin's new ST-MRAM-based nvNITRO Storage Accelerator pledges 'DRAM-like' performance, but analysts say the high price could limit the SSD's use cases.

"To be a mega-market like some of the mainstream memories, MRAM has to be cheaper than DRAM," said Greg Wong, founder and principal analyst at Forward Insights. "Right now, the performance is worse than DRAM, but it's more expensive. So the only reason you would pay for it is because it's nonvolatile."

Wong said it's hard to envision huge uptake of the new nvNITRO SSDs, "but that doesn't mean there's zero uptake. There are going to be applications that require that speed and persistence."

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