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NAND flash memory that changed the IT world turns 35

By Chris Preimesberger, ZDNet | February 10,2022

The solid-state storage media has had a far-reaching impact that has fundamentally reconfigured how we use tech on a daily basis.

"Back in 1987, it would have been hard to imagine all of the ways that this then-new technology would impact the world. NAND flash memory has ushered in entire new technological eras, made devices much more mobile, and has replaced obsolete technologies and products that had been in use for years. Since entering the market 35 years ago, the yearly NAND flash market has grown to more than $70 billion (Source: Forward Insights, 3Q 2021)"

"The quality of the media itself has improved tremendously. In terms of die density, flash memory has grown from 4MB to 1.33TB -- a 333,000x increase (Source: Forward Insights, 2019)"

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