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SanDisk, Toshiba Join to Develop 3D Memory
Dan Nystedt, PC World, Jun 17, 2008

Don't expect to see 3D memory chips on the market anytime soon. Gregory Wong, president of researcher Forward Insights, believes it will take three to four years for the companies to develop a 3D memory product that can compete with NAND flash memory.
One trouble with 3D memory is the chips can be difficult to manufacture at high yields, Wong says.

3D rewriteable memory consists of stacked vertical diode arrays, and currently only chips with four layers of stacked memory cells are in volume production using leading-edge technology, he says. Matrix demonstrated an eight-level stack in 2003 using much less advanced production technology, a 250-nanometer process versus an 80nm process for four-layer stacked memory.
"Producing eight level memory stacks at leading edge technology is another matter," said Wong.
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