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SanDisk, Toshiba to devise 3D chips
Mark LaPedus, EETimes, Jun 17, 2008  

Gregory Wong, president of Forward Insights, a consulting and market research company, said there are many challenges for this 3D technology.

''A four-level 3D R/W memory will have to at least catch up with NAND flash on process technology to be considered competitive with x4 NAND flash,'' Wong said, referring to NAND-based four-bit-per-cell technology.

''This would put 3D R/W memory at least 3-4 years out,'' Wong said. ''The other issue is whether an eight level stack is manufacturable at high yields. An eight-level stack was demonstrated by Matrix in 2003 on a much less advanced 0.25-um geometry. Producing eight level memory stacks at leading edge technology is another matter.''
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