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Intel, Micron debut 34nm NAND flash
Mark LaPedus, EE Times, Jun 2, 2008

Analysts were impressed. Intel and Micron have basically leapfrogged the competition, said Gregory Wong, an analyst with Forward Insights Co. The main competition includes Hynix, Samsung and Toshiba/SanDisk.

Sub-40nm debut
"Owing to the aggressive gate half-pitch, immersion lithography with self-aligned double patterning employing spacers is most likely being used" by IM Flash to produce the latest part, Wong said in an e-mail regarding the part. "Also expect changes in the bitline and wordline materials as well as a higher k interpoly dielectric in comparison to the 50nm generation."
Other vendors are not far behind. "If the ramp of IMFT's (IM Flash) 50nm 16Gbits device is any guide, we should expect to see volume in December or in Q1 09," Wong said.
"It's quite remarkable that Intel-Micron have managed to catch up and surpass the other NAND flash vendors in the short span of three years," he added. "IM Flash achieved this milestone by skipping the 6xnm and 4xnm nodes. However, any cost advantage could be short-lived if IM Flash fails to ramp up the technology smoothly and SanDisk/Toshiba ramps its 43nm 32Gbit x3 in Q1 09 as planned.''
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