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Seagate swiftly sues STEC (and bad fix)
Richi Jennings, Computerworld, Apr 16, 2008

Gregory Wong muses:

This is the first time a HDD manufacturer has sued a SSD maker. It’s hard to see the financial motivation behind such a move. STEC’s enterprise SSD revenues were only $11 million in 2007, although it could reach 4-10x more this year depending on the ramp of the ZeusIOPS and Mach8 MLC product lines. With a market share of over 50% in enterprise HDDs, Seagate clearly sees a longer-term threat ... [But] It’s no secret that Seagate has been courting NAND flash vendors to secure NAND flash for a SSD it’s planning for the end of the year. A rumored JV with Micron fell apart last year and it is apparently in discussions with two of the three largest vendors. One of the main stumbling blocks is what Seagate could bring to any cooperation as all NAND flash vendors have ambitions to develop and market SSDs.

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