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Samsung, Microsoft in Talks to Speed up SSDs on Vista
Agam Shah, IDG News Service
Wednesday, August 06, 2008 6:30 PM PDT

It is generally thought that SSDs could replace hard drives, but both differ in data sizes and how Windows should treat both, said Gregory Wong, an analyst with Forward Insights.

There is a mismatch in the way Windows Vista handles data sizes on hard drive and SSDs, Wong said. Vista has been optimized to handle hard-drive data in smaller chunks. In contrast, the sector size -- also known as page size -- of SSDs are larger than hard drive sector sizes. That results in inefficient SSD performance when slotted into a disk drive bay, Wong said.

"My guess is that [Samsung and Microsoft] are maybe working on the OS recognizing an SSD with a 4K-byte sector size instead of a hard disk drive with a 512-byte sector size," Wong said. samsung_microsoft_in_talks_to_speed_up_ssds_on_vista.html
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